Brisighella’s artichoke ‘Moretto’

This artichoke is a rustic variety of the common artichoke plant, free from any genetic manipulation: it keeps intact over time its peculiar features and the original flavour.

This vegetable is a native organic plant, growing of its own in the ravines around Brisighella. The artichoke is largely cultivate all over the Mediterranean region, but here in Brisighella, due to the peculiar weather and the properties of the clayey ground, shows uniques features of colour and flavour.

The ‘Moretto’ plant grows as a shrub that can be up to 1.50 mt high, with a straight stalk and sprouts (called ‘carducci’) used for seeding; leaves are big, greenish and thorny. It has a slightly bitter taste, fresh and appetizing.


This artichoke can be used in many different ways. It can be eaten raw or slightly boiled, seasoned with salt and oil, best with the ‘Brisighello‘ oil, perfect for this food.

Artichoke it’s also an healthy plant, important for the anaemic persons, due to its high percentage of iron. It’s rich with cellulose and therefore good for a difficult intestine, as well is good for diabetic patients being low in sugar.

The leaves, strongly bitter, are used for herbal teas and in the production of herb liqueurs.

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