As a tourist, in Brisighella, you can enjoy the impressive landscape of Tosco-Romagnolo Apennines but also a great benefit: recover and enhance a sense of balanced well-being by making use of the therapeutic properties of the local thermal waters (the ‘Terme’), well known from the ancient times and still effective.

The Thermal Baths, only three hundred meters from the city center, can be reached with an healthy and charming walk through the Park. Here visitors can use various treatments with sulphurous waters and mud baths, and rest in a beautiful open air swimming-pool.


The Thermal Baths of Brisighella offer various therapies and treatments using its own sulphurous and salsobromoiodic waters.

The users can inhale the effective substances of the waters through aerosol, inhalations, nebulizations, humage and nasal irrigations, all treatments useful for chronic conditions like rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, asthma; there is also a specialised section for treatment of deafness of rhinogenous causes, another one for children respiratory diseases and also one for pulmonary ventilation.

A specialised department treats locomotory apparatus problems, like chronic arthritic and rheumatic conditions and traumas after-effects, with mud therapy and massages. Beside, hydromassage tubs are specially effective for chronic vein problems and cellulitis while massages and balneotherapy are especially suitable for a better shape.

The salsobromoiodic waters of Brisighella Thermal Baths can also be useful for gynaecological chronic problems and surgery after-effects. The sulphurous waters can also be drunk and may be of help for some gastroenteric affections, colitis and costipation.


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