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One of Italy’s most beautiful villages (

nestled in the “Vena del Gesso Romagnola” Gypsum Outcrop Regional Park, which is situated in the Tosco-Romagnolo Apennines and conveniently located along the Ravenna-Faenza-Florence railway line…..



2018 – a year of Events



From 27th February to 3rd March – “LOM A MERZ” – The lights of March

It is customary at this time in Romagna to gather in the farmyards, to sing and dance around bonfires, the so-called “Lòm a Mêrz or the lights of March. The perfect opportunity to eat, drink and of course have fun.

(To be enjoyed all over the territory –


Friday 30th March – “VIA CRUCIS VIVENTE” – Re-enactment of the Stations of the Cross

As is customary every Good Friday Zattaglia delights us with a re-enactment of the Stations of the Cross. This procession has now become more suggestive thanks to re-enactments that represent the Passion of Christ.

(Zattaglia – Frazione di Brisighella – Info: +39 546 81166 –

Monday 2nd april – “SAGRA DEI SALUMI STAGIONATI E DEL TARTUFO MARZOLINO” – The fair of cured meats and of the “Marzolino” March truffle

On Easter Monday, stalls offering typical products, food stands and entertainment under the Ancient Via degli Asini will be promoting the curing and the processing of cured meats that are produced and processed by the famous “norcini” pork butchers of Brisighella, and who represent one of the oldest values of our food tradition. Then there is the perfume of the March truffle, the perfect companion to these flavours, the fruit of the lands of Brisighella..

(Brisighella’s Historic Centre – Info: +39 546 81166 –


From 8th April to the beginning of June – “ Farfalle del nostro Parco”

(Centro culturale Guaducci Cultural Centre Zattaglia – Frazione di Brisighella)

From 9th to 10th April 2017 – “Sgambata dei crinali” – Trekking the divides

The super classic excursion across our Apennines, from Faenza to the Passo della Colla di Casaglia Pass along trail no.505, the longest in our territory. The CAI trekking association sections of Faenza and Imola, together with the UOEI workers hiking union of Faenza and the CAI of Lugo, and with the collaboration of the ANPI Partisans Association Sections of Faenza and Imola, have promoted a trekking event called “Sgambata di crinali” – Trekking the divides. This excursion covers an itinerary over the hilly and mountainous divides from Faenza to the Colla Pass and back. In addition, the Local Administrations involved along the routes have also been called in to contribute.
 (Departure from Faenza and arrival at the Passo della Colla Pass, overnight stay at Cà di Malanca –

Sunday 10th April 2017 – “Carnevale di Primavera” – Spring Carnival

Procession of allegorical floats through Brisighella’s historic centre. Under the Three Hills, a party along the streets of the centre, invloving many youth groups and volunteers who are active in the territory.
(Brisighella’s Historic Centre – Info: + 39 546 81166 –

From 12th April to 10th May 2017 – Mostra di ricami – Embroidery Show

The long-awaited yearly event will manage to surprise once again thanks to its clever display and the embroidery of rare beauty of this tradition of Brisighella.

(Chiesa del Suffragio Church –

Sunday 30th April 2017 “Giornata dello sport all’aria aperta” – A day of sport in the open air

There are many fitness opportunities in the Municipal of Brisighella, and if we also add the fantastic countryside and the peculiar natural features of the Vena del Gesso Romagnolo Gypsum Outcrop, visitors will always find the activity that is just right for them. With the collaboration of Brisighella’s schools and sports clubs, in addition to the traditional sports, the “Day of sport in the open air” will be promoting the Nordic Walking Park, the Gypsum cycle track, cave diving in the Grotta Tanacci cave as well as trekking along the CAI trails.
(Info: Cultural Office tel  +39 546 994415)


 Sunday 22th – Thuesday 25th April 2018  ” ” Sagra della Spoja Lorda “

(info: G. Ugonia Park of Brisighella info: +3954681166 –



Wednesday 25th April 2018 – “Festa della liberazione” – Liberation Day

A day of remembrance and of enjoyment in the natural setting of Mount Romano, and more precisely at Cà di Malanca – a museum and residential centre commemorating the Fight for Liberation in Emilia-Romagna.



Sunday 29th April 2018 and Thuesday 1st May – “Passeggiata dei Tre Colli e Primizie di Primavera e Sagra della Bruschetta with brisighella olive oil” –

The Three Hills Walk

This is a non-competitive event organised by the “G.Borsi” ANSPI parish club. Starting time is 9.30 am in Via Fossa. Then, there are tastings, stalls, food stands and music for a taste of the splendid flavours of spring in the Hills of Brisighella. In the meantime, families, young people, children and friends can rediscover the pleasure of spending time together walking and enjoying the beauties of Brisighella’s three hills.
(Brisighella’s Historic Centre – Info: +39 546 81166 –


Sunday 6th and 13th May 2018 – “Sagra del Carciofo Moretto” The Moretto Artichoke Festival

This festival hails the “moretto” artichoke, a rustic variety of the traditional artichoke; its peculiarity is that no genetic modifications have been made on it, therefore its original characteristics and aromas have remained the same over time, on the contrary to the other varieties that have been widely grown in the Mediterranean basin. Tastings, stalls, food stands and music all come together to celebrate this delicious product of the local territory.

(G. Ugonia Park of  Brisighella – Info: + 39 546 81166 –


From  11th to 14th May 2018 – “Sagra del Cinghiale di Zattaglia” Wild Boar Festival

A menu for connoisseurs surrounded by the breath-taking countryside of the Gypsum Vein Park of Romagna, at the Wild Boar Festival of Zattaglia, which will be again lighting up the hills of Faenza between Brisighella and Casola Valsenio with music, fun and excellent wild boar dishes of the local tradition.

(Zattaglia – Info: +39 339 7535077 )


Saturday 26th May 2018– “100 km del Passatore” The Passatore 100km foot race

The 45th edition of this ultramarathon foot race, which, held yearly, departs from Florence and arrives in Faenza, passing through Brisighella.

(Departing from Florence and arriving in Faenza )



The Marzeno valley also offers scenery and characteristic features of naturalistic and historic worth. Come and enjoy this day in the locations known as the Spungone of Pietramora right up to the  San Giorgio Tower in Ceparano. In the underlying “Spungone” basin there are interesting stratigraphic passages within the Azure Clays as well as the formations below.


(Marzeno di Brisighella –




2nd -3rd  June 2018 – Rivivi il Medioevo alla Rocca di Brisighella- Back to the Middle Ages in Brisighella’s Castle

Brisighella’s Castle comes to life. A long weekend on a trip back to our territory’s mediaeval past, with historic re-enactments and shows all in the suggestive setting of the Manfredi Castle of Brisighella. This year’s festival will also host the first “Manfredo Trophy”, a contest of singular strife that will see the guest armed troupes pick up their weapons and compete in duals and not only, and  all at the insistent beat of the Mediaeval Drummers of Brisighella. What is more, there will be mediaeval food stands and “money.grubbers” in costume.
(Rocca di Brisighella – Info: + 39 546 81166 –

Friday 1st – 8th- 15th -22nd -29th   June 2018 – “Recondite Armonie – Musica in Grotta” – Hidden Harmonies – Music in the Caves

Four classical music concerts on the four Fridays of June in the suggestive surroundings of the Marana Cave, a truly unusual setting where the audience will be embraced by a refined blend of music and nature.


(Cava Marana Cave of Brisighella – Info: + 39 546 81166 –

Saturday 23rd June 2018 – “Brisighella Romantica, un borgo a lume di candela” – Romantic Brisighella, a candlelit village

This is the 10th edition of the White Night dedicated to lovers in one of the most beautiful villages of Italy, where visitors can stroll along the streets of this mediaeval village in a seductive atmosphere lit up by thousands of candles, amidst aperitifs, bars, concerts, living portraits and tastings. Or why not have a candle-lit dinner in one of the more suggestive corners where local restaurants will be offering their specially designed open-air menus.
(Brisighella’s Historic Centre – Info: +39 546 81166 –




Every Friday from 6st July to 10th August 2018 – “Brisighella… i Venerdì Sogno d’Estate” Brisighella…..Friday summer nights dream

In the spectacular natural backdrop of the Mediaeval village, a range of shows will come to life every Friday from 1st July to 12th August. Visitors will be drawn into a dreamlike dimension: at the open-air Theatre a series of the best Italian performances aimed at the younger audiences and their families, then the Movies in the Piazza Carducci square will be screening the very best Italian “Amarcord” classics, an arts-antiques and “brocantage” market will be set up along the streets and in the squares.


(Brisighella’s Historic Centre  – Info: + 39 546 81166 –

Every Wednesday from 4th July to 8th August 2018 – “Brisighella, La Magia del Borgo: Chitarra e altro…” The magic of the village: Guitar music and more

Refined classical music concerts, which every Wednesday will see Brisighella welcoming great contemporary master guitarists, pianists, violinists as well as antique instrument players. This series of performances has been sponsored by the Cultural Heritage Ministry and by the Emilia Romagna Region. In addition to these shows that will be held every Wednesday until 15th August, there will be a concluding concert featuring the participants of the courses organised in the context of the master class seminars.

(convento dell’osservanza of Brisighella – Info: + 39 546 994415


Every Saturday and Sunday – “Cene nel Borgo” Dinner in the Village.

Every weekend,  in summer the restaurants of Brisighella will be holding dinners and tastings, in the historic centre, which will be traffic free, so you will be able to dine in Brisighella’s most suggestive nooks and crannies.

Saturday 21st July 2018 – “Brisighella Vintage”

“Brisighella Vintage” means a glamorous evening where “vintage” is not nostalgia for the past but a modern way of life, a fun way to mix and match styles and fashions. The entire historic centre will come alive with open-air dinners and tastings, vintage market stalls and music that will bring back the 70’s atmosphere is a truly fun way.
(Brisighella’s Historic Centre – Info: + 39 546 81166 –

Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th and 14th and 15th July 2018  – “A tutta festa” Let’s Party in Fognano

Every year Brisighella’s lively hamlet of Fognano holds its now traditional village fair “A tutta festa” or Let’s Party in Fognano. The venue is the Parish Club and there are covered food stands and the volunteer cooks take advantage of the fully equipped kitchen to make traditional Romagnolo dishes to enjoy in the scenic setting of the green and majestic green hills of the Lamone valley. The evenings will also organise music and fireworks.

(Fognano – Hamlet of Brisighella – Info: + 39 339.2633526 –

From 18th to 21st July 2018 – “Birravezzanen – festa della Birra” Beer Festival

Flowing beer from Baviera, Romagnolo and German food, dancing on the tables to live rock music.  The longing to party and the great organisation has turned Birravezzanen into a festival that has become better and more and more fun!  The festival is always held in the third week of July from Wednesday to Saturday in the Park of Villa Vezzano’s Social Club. The key to its success is to always offer, in addition to excellent dishes of Romagna, German specialities and fantastically cold Haker-Pshorr beer,  the truly enjoyable shows, footloose dancing and the real desire to have a lot of genuine fun all together.
(Villa Vezzano – Hamlet of Brisighella – Info: + 39 338. 5625533 –

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29st July 2018 –  Saturday 4th August  and Sunday 5th August 2018 – “Sagra della Collina e del Cinghiale” Wild Boar Festival of the Hills

This is the first of two weekends to enjoy in the Tuscan-Romagnolo green hills, tasting the specialities of the woods and take advantage of the rich variety of live performances. The Wild Boar Festivals of the Hills has been held since 1988 in San Martino in Gattara and is the perfect opportunity to flee from the heat of the cities and the traffic of the Riviera.


(San Martino in Gattara  – Hamlet of Brisighella – Info: + 39 328 1279539 –



Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th August 2018 – “Sagra della Collina e del Cinghiale” Wild Boar Festival of the Hills

This is the second weekend to enjoy in the Tuscan-Romagnolo green hills, tasting the specialities of the woods and take advantage of the rich variety of live performances.


(San Martino in Gattara  – Hamlet of Brisighella – Info: + 39 328 1279539 –


Saturday 4th August 20178– “Calici sotto i 3 Colli: le stelle nel Borgo” Wine Glasses under the 3 hills: Stars in the Village

The village will be turned into an open-air wine cellar where the best wineries of the hills of Brisighella  offer their excellent local wines during the magical shooting star nights of Saint Laurence, all accompanied by moving music from the Strade Blu Festival.

(Brisighella’s Historic Centre – Info: + 39 546 81166 –


Monday 15th August 2018 – “Concerto di Ferragosto de La Magia del Borgo” The Ferragosto Concert by the Magic of the Village

A classical music concert to be held at S.Maria Assunta in Tiberiaco Pieve Church, which is perched on the highest peak of the  “Vena del Gesso Romagnola”  Gypsum Outcrop , on top of  Monte Mauroin the hamlet of Zattaglia.
(Zattaglia – Hamlet of Brisighella – uff. cultura: + 39 546 994415)




From 7th to 16th September 2018 – “21^ mostra fotografica sociale a concorso” 20th Amateur Photographers’ Show and Competition

Come and enjoy the photos by the Foto Amatori Brisighellesi Amateur Photographers, who again this year will be displaying their art.

Saturday 8th September 2018 – “Trofeo del Monticino: la Corsa dei carioli di Brisighella in notturna” The Monticino Trophy: Brisighella’s Wheelbarrow Race by night

The hairpin bends of the road known as the “Monticino” in Brisighella will be the highlight of the wheelbarrow race. The recently founded Gruppo Romagnolo Carioli – Wheelbarrow Group of Romagna, is organising the regional championship, and Brisighella will be the venue of the only “by night” race. The wheelbarrow circuit will start from the entrance to the walkway of the Monticino Church to then, two hairpin bends later, arrive right in the historic centre amongst the roar of the crowds.


(Santuario del Monticino  Church and the Historic Centre – Info: + 39 546 81166 –


Sunday 9th September 2018 – “Antica Sagra del Monticino” Ancient Monticino Fair

In addition to the traditional liturgical programme tied to the devotion to the sacred image of the Madonna of the Monticino church, Brisighella also offers several interesting entertainment opportunities: exhibitions, music and food stands in the historic centre.
(Santuario del Monticino Church and the Historic Centre – Info:  + 39 546 81166 –


Sunday 9th September 2018 – “La Via degli Asini” Vintage Bike Race


This is an amateur vintage bike race, open to all cyclists and amateur cyclists who are required to take part in old-fashioned clothes, or that are historically inspired like woollen sweaters and shorts, and to ride an old-fashioned or vintage inspired bike. This is the only race allowing you to put your bike on your shoulder and run up the splendid steps of the Clock Tower.
(Start and Finish in Brisighella – Info: +39 546 81166 –


Domenica 24 settembre 2017 – “Gessi wild trail – Dalla Via degli Asini al Parco Carnè” Parks Romagna Trail – from the Via Degli Asini to the Carnè Park


Third leg of the Parks Romagna Trail, a journey in the midst of natural wonders of the Gypsum Vein Park of Romagna. This is a truly stimulating and varied circuit and at certain points very challenging. Starting from the centre of the Village in the Via Degli Asini, it then climbs up to the Monticino Church, to then reach the Carnè Park. Then it’s downhill to  Vespignano then back up to Mount Mauro, to then go down again along the crests of the wastelands, and back to Vespignano, to the Rontana Cross to finally end up again in Brisighella going down the steps from the Clock Tower.
(Start and Finish in Brisighella – Info: ASD Trail Romagna 338 5097841)




The Sundays 7th,  14th and 21st October 2018 – “48^ sagra della polenta” Polenta Festival

Polenta is a very simple but tasty dish “and every year San Cassiano dedicates a festival to this cornmeal mush that is prepared and offered in many different creative ways. Local cuisine, folklore, arts and traditions are celebrated during the first three Sundaysof October  in  the river Lamone Valley.

(S. Cassiano Frazione di Brisighella –

Sunday 21st October 2018 – “Sagra della Porchetta di Mora Romagnola e Fiera delle Biodiversità” Festival of Romagnola Mora Pork and the Biodiversity Fair

In the setting of Brisighella’s Ugonia Park,  “Mora Romagnola” top quality local tasty pork plays the leading role. An opportunity to promote the local production of this meat that is typical of the Apennines, at the same time enhancing the peculiar nature of its processing.
(Parco Ugonia – Brisighella – Info: + 39 546 81166 –

Sunday 28th October  2018 – “Sagra dell’agnellone e del castrato Q.C.” Grown lamb and mutton festival

This year will celebrate the 20th culinary festival dedicated to top quality lamb and mutton. Come and visit the various food stands, conferences, sheep and goat shows in the setting of this mediaeval village and rediscover the taste of a local meat and enjoy the revival of the traditions.
(Ugonia Park – Brisighella – Info:  + 39 546 81166 –

From 21st October to 25th November  2018 – “Concorso mostra di ricamo d’autunno” Autumn Embroidery Show and Contest

A show and competition involving embroidery from all over Italy. This precious handwork, patiently carried out by the women of the territory of Brisighella and the perfectly arranged exhibitions have made this an even that many look forward to. It promotes a tradition where hard work, patience, creativity and a strong community spirit are the features of the masters of this art. The exhibition’s profits will go to charity.


 (Galleria d’arte Comunale Local Art Gallery – Info: + 39 348 7604181,



The four Sundays of November 2018 – 4 sagre x 3 colli – 4 festivals x 3 hills

Each and every Sunday in November sees the medieaval village of Brisighella hosting the most delicious events of Autumn. Every Sunday features a speciality from the kaleidoscope market of typical products this territory has to offer; the first is dedicated to tasty pork, the second to the re-discovered flavours of forgotten fruits and of matured cheese, the third features the prestigious white and black truffles and finally the last hails the unique taste of new olive oil:

•         Sunday 4th November  2018 – “Sagra del Porcello” Pork Festival

•         Sunday 11st November 2018 – “Sagra della Pera Volpina e del Formaggio Stagionato” Volpina Pear and Matured Cheese Festival

•         Sunday 18th November 2018 – “Sagra del Tartufo” Truffle Festival

•         Sunday 25th November 2018 – “Sagra dell’ulivo e dell’olio” Olive and Olive Oil Festival


Sunday 4th November  2018– “Sagra delle Delizie del Porcello” Pork Festival

A Pork Festival that recalls the ancient farmers’ practice of pig slaughter and pork meat processing by skilled butchers. People who are keen on good cuisine will have the chance to taste the local specialities freshly made and served by restaurants and food stands around the historic centre. Menus will include greaves, “coppa di testa” (selected pressed pork meat), hams, sausages, salami and “migliaccio” a special sweet made from pig’s blood.      Train from Ferrara to Brisighella info: Agency ” Antologia Pistoia ” +39 05733 67158

(Brisighella’s Historic Centre – Info:+ 39 546 81166 –

Sunday 11st November 2018– “Sagra della Pera Volpina e del Formaggio Stagionato” Volpina Pear and Matured Cheese Festival

The Pera Volpina is a small, round, hard pear typically grown in the Lamone Valley. These pears are usually boiled, in water or wine, or oven roasted. This festival is meant to make them known and have people taste them through the different recipes offered by the local restaurants and the food stands around the historic centre.

(Brisighella’s Historic Centre – Info:+ 39 546 81166 –

Sunday 18th November 2018 – “Sagra del Tartufo” Truffle Festival

“Tartufo”, or the truffle, is an exquisite type of tuberous vegetable, greatly sought-after on the hills around Faenza. During this festival the best chefs of the area pair it with local traditional ingredients that enhance its typical flavour. Food stands sell both the “black type” and the “white autumn type” that releases an even stronger flavour. Train from Bologna, Imola to Brisighella. info: Agency “Antologia Viaggi” +39 0573 67158

(Brisighella’s Historic Centre – Info:+ 39 546 81166 –

Sunday 25th November 2018 – “Sagra dell’ulivo e dell’olio” Olive and Olive Oil Fair

Olives have been grown on this land since very ancient times : olive-tree growing was already known, appreciated and enhanced during the Roman period.  This festival celebrates and promotes the prestigious oil produced from them: “Brisighello”, a top rated extra virgin olive oil, D.O.P. awarded (Protected Designation of Origin), and the refined “Nobil Drupa”. During the festival, this oil can be purchased at the food stand “Terra di Brisighella”.

(Brisighella’s Historic Centre – Info:+ 39 546 81166 –




Monday 26th December 2018 – “Presepe Vivente” The Living Nativity

As has now been tradition for more than thirty years in Brisighella, the Living Nativity will be held again on Boxing day. In an atmosphere that seems to be suspended in time, the protagonists of the Holy Nativity will be celebrated through living portraits and suggestive scenography that are set in the natural backdrop of the village, which seems to enhance its rare beauty.
(Brisighella’s Historic Centre – Info:+ 39 546 81166 –




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