‘Romagnola’ bovine breed

It’s an old bovine breed, used for the farm work, with a light gray coat with darker grays stripes and long horns (lyre-shaped for the sow and halfmoon-shaped for the boar).

The boar is remarkably strong and specially apt to increase the meat production when crossed with other breeds.

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Pig Breed ‘Mora Romagnola’

The name ‘Mora’ has been deposited in 1942. The ‘Mora Romagnola’ can be easily recognised by its brown, nearly black, fur, hence its name.

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Lamb and Mutton of Romagna

Sheep meat guaranteed by the Q.C. (Quality Controlled) brand, since 1998. This brand guarantees that every step of the life of this cattle, up to the selling, follows the Q.C. specifications.

This meat is natural, of excellent taste, highly nutritional.

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Mad sausage

It’s a pork product typical of this area and it’s made up with the less valuable parts of the animal: tongue, heart and scraps from the the head and the snout.

All the leftovers are minced together with salt, pepper and garlic; the sausages can be eat immediately, grilled, seasoned or kept in oil.

Pork scraps

Small pieces of fat pork meat boiled in a copper pot, then squeezed with a cloth, and finally flavoured with salt and pepper.

They have a typical irregolar shape and a dark colour.

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